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Welcome to Point Man Ministries of Albany!

Sadly, in previous wars, soldiers came home to protests, animosity and rejection. It is the hope of Point Man Ministries of Albany and PMIM that all our soldiers are treated with honor, dignity and receive a warm “welcome home”. Point Man Ministries of Albany is a Christian faith-based veteran/military support group.

Point Man Ministries of Albany's main objective is to make it easy for veterans with assistance in housing in order to end homelessness within the veteran community, and also to assist with gainful employment and provide a referral service to drug addiction program throughout the Capital Region. Now our main focus is on assisting veterans in the area of Veterans Benefits Compensation, as you can see in the links below the United States of America has major issue with veterans not receiving VA benefits for service connected injuries or illnesses, so we are able to veterans representation through veterans service organizations and attorneys well versed in veterans/military law! We also, without force, believe that one of the ways to conquer this large VA issue and other needs of veterans is through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, as said without forcing religion on any one at all!

Veterans We Are Here For You All - Call Us - 571-225-4988

About - Point Man Ministries of Albany

About Us

Point Man Ministries of Albany began with my domestic warfare against the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs due to my being denied VA compensation benefits since 1992.

Point Man Ministries Of Albany - Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We Believe Because God Says It…….
The Bible was written by God, and is infallible. 2nd Timothy 3:16

There is only one God, in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father

We lift our sailors, soldiers marines, airmen, coast guard & families into Your loving care. Protect our Nation from all that is evil. Guide our way through these difficult times. Amen.

This is my story - please share yours

We want the U.S. Veterans of America to know we love and care for their well being and more importantly, God loves you all. We do not believe in forcing Christ on any, yet we do believe in receiving respect for our faith.
God loves and forgives
Point Man Ministries of Albany

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